Walking distance: 10km | Walking time: 4 hours (including tea  breakfast) | Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult (with some stepping stones to hop over and a couple of steep slopes)

Rate: 100NIS per person (includes the taxi fare back to the cars). Minimum participants: 5 people .
Lunch option: Anybody who would like to have a traditional Bedouin lunch ready for you when we get back to Sea Level after the hike, please let us know when you register. The extra cost is 60NIS a head, minimum of 4 people.

Recommendations: Wear hiking shoes, bring plenty of water (minimum 3litres each), sun hats, hike snacks (dried fruit, biscuits etc) and sunscreen. There are moments on the walk where you will need both hands, so backpacks, not handbags.

The stretch of the wadi starts at the Roman aquaduct of Ein Fawwar and winds eastwards along the wadi towards St George’s Monastery, passing through pools, reed tunnels, gulleys and fresh water springs that feed the Qelt Valley all year round. The walk is one of the most famously beautiful and varied in the West Bank and this springtime it is buzzing with a multitude of wildlife and is completely carpeted in wildflowers. Antiquities along the trail include the ancient water systems, a millhouse, a 19th Century Ottoman House and the magnificent Deir al Qelt – St George’s Monastery. Your guide Tareq will fill you in on the history of the wadi as you go. The first hour of the hike includes a bit of scrambling and stepping stone hopping, after which the trail opens up and becomes less challenging… this hike is unforgettably beautiful.